Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Holidaze and Alcohol

I took a week off when family was here. I was very nervous because I thought without the shots and thrice a week clinic visit, I'd be in for temptation and disaster...

Boy did I prove myself wrong. I still lost 3 pounds that week, and all on my own! How did I do it? Just ate healthy. I took my low carb/high protein bread with me on holidays, made my own breakfasts, ate fruit, and ordered clean salads, protein/veggie dishes with dressings on the side during the multiple food outings.

I even drank!! I know! I had red wine (one glass a night). Apparently red wine doesn't have any carbs. I think the reason why alcohol is a no-no on Dr. B is because people usually don't have a good idea of where to draw the line. I used to be a huge social drinker. Loved martinis, margaritas, lime gimlets, the works! I've found that vodka with soda/diet coke, red wine, and gin with diet tonic are actual drinks to be drank without any guilt. Now be careful, alcohol does mess with the liver's insulin release functions and can affect ketosis so I will still advise sobriety DURING Dr. B, but there are options for "healthy" drinking once weight loss has been achieved.


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