Wednesday, 25 April 2012


Weight today: 162.2
Total weight loss: 28.4 pounds

Oh yes and I've decided that my original plan of 160 is not good enough as I still have abdominal fat (the main culprit behind diabetes!). I'm going to abide by the guidelines based on my height (recommended 145-155 lbs). I will aim for smack in the middle at 150. 

My clothes all hang off of me. I cannot believe that I used to fill out all that space!!! I have gone from a tight 12 to a loose 10. I'm down a bra size (not cup, just circumference!). Most tops I used to wear were always size Large, sometimes XL, mayyyyybe mediums. Now, I mostly wear SMALLS!!! SMALL! I don't think i've worn a small since I was 13. It's an amazing feeling. I didn't even think I could fit in a small based on my frame! Everytime I get mopey from eating the same boring foods everyday, I go clothe trying. It definitely puts things back into perspective for me. 

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