Friday, 23 March 2012

The staff: evil? Not really.

I read a lot of online commentaries about how the nurses working at Dr. Bernstein's are mean, bitter, and nasty. I've yet to experience such a nurse.

For the most part, they've been nice, some more than others. Some inject and you feel no pain, others will make you cry in pain and will leave you with a nasty bruise.

Mind you, most of them are Licensed Practical Nurses, which is not the same as a Registered Nurse, so don't expect a medical specialist. 

A few have been a little daft. One nurse once told me that my urine was not showing ketosis because I hadn't had enough water, therefore the ketostix showed a darker colour. She basically could not have been more inaccurate. Yes, if you don't drink enough water, your pee stick turns darker...but dark ketostix = high levels of ketones = ketosis. I had no color on my stick = no ketosis. I was momentarily confused and just decided that she was too. They took my fruit away, I cried on the inside.

They always say my name wrong which drives me insane. That's just me.


  1. I'm sorry an LPN is not a medical professional? I am an LPN, I did happen to work at a Dr. B clinic. I worked there because they had good hours, however before this I was an LPN on an internal medicine unit. I was the nurse who started your IV, packed your vacuum dressing, assisted with your chest tube insertion, gave you CPR or flushed your PICC line. Cared for patients with flesh eating disease, cancer, tunic uploads, HIV and severe diabetes (to name a few) Now I am a charge nurse in charge of 131 residents. Ignorant people like you are why we get a bad name. I know this post is 3 years old, but I'm tired of people saying, oh your only and LPN or I want an RN to care for me. Oh and the reason people think the Nurses are mean and bitchy? It's because we have dealt with carb deprived a-hole soccer moms who yell at us all day because they can't follow the diet and gained weight.

    1. I didn't say an LPN is not a medical professional, I said an LPN is not a Specialist. But now that you're ranting, let me rant back. I'm not a soccer mom, but i'm sure you are. I never gave anyone grief at the clinic, and I did lose weight and kept it off. What I CAN be from that list of yours is an "a-hole", but only to folk with a mediocre education trying to claim they have comparable knowledge to someone with a higher level of training; or to bored nitwits who think a random blog is an appropriate place to make themselves feel better about their semi useful skill set. Had you made the cut to the RN program, you could have done more than just assist with a tube insertion. Your program length is HALF that of someone considered worthy enough to make actual medical decisions, so go back to emptying pans. P.S CPR is a two day course, I wouldn't wave that banner.