Friday, 23 March 2012

Gaining all the weight back?

Another theme I came upon in the my internet search of Dr. Bernstein Diet reviews was how it doesn't work because you gain allllll the weight back and then some. I don't think it's a representation of the Bernstein cohort because chances are, the people who've maintained the weight loss aren't bragging about it online, and the ones who gained it all back are bitter and making it known.

Here's the thing, I can't speak for myself as i'm still in the process, but just by using logic alone, I can safely say that if you do not do the maintenance program and truly change your lifestyle, it is more than obvious you'll balloon back up.

The old lifestyle is what got us to be overweight in the first place. This diet is a jump start to a low-carb lifestyle.

I have decided that once I reach my goal weight and am done with the maintenance program, I will eat super clean for the most part, and treat myself to the occasional yummy meal. I will not go back to drinking margaritas full of sugar, chocolate cake, and rich foods weekly. Exercise will be a must, and I will monitor my weight diligently.

Going back to old eating habits is not an option. You need to commit to a lifetime of change. I look at women with great figures around me, and they all eat like I do on this diet. Proteins, greens, etc. A few very lucky individuals get to eat what they want and stay thin, but let's face it, that's not us, and we need to accept the fact that sacrifices need to be made in the name of health. I'm not saying totally deprive yourself, but don't indulge either. Having a totally crazy delicious meal once in a while is completely fine, so long as it's balanced out with eating well and exercising before and after.

I plan on blogging about maintenance once I get there! Stay tuned! :)

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