Friday, 20 September 2013

What I'm eating on maintenance

I try to actively count my net carb consumption. I allow myself 50g/day and can even wing it to 75g on some days. While proteins, fruits and veggies are a staple, I can't do with just those. I have found through experimentation that there are lots of items out there that make life much easier.

My lifesavers are (my American friends may find that not all these items are available in the States, but similar substitutes are):

  • Baker's Deluxe breads (cinnamon raisin and seeded are my favourite)
  • Skinny Crisps (cinnamon and Say Cheese are my favourite)
  • New Hope Mills low carb pancake mix 
  • Sugar free lattes with half soy milk at Starbucks 
  • Kraft organic peanut butter
  • Heinz no sugar added ketchup
  • Ed Smith no sugar added jam
  • Zazubean Nutbar chocolate bar (coconut + almond; available at Whole Foods) 
  • Whipped cream!! (with berries =  amazing dessert).
  • Kraft ranch dressing (not low fat, that has sugar)
  • Silk unsweetened soy milk
  • Low sugar fruit yogurts (4 grams net carbs) 
  • Hickory flavoured almonds
Many of my favourite items are available at

Please do avoid "diet" and "sugar free" items as much as you can (go for "no sugar added" instead). I have done a lot of research and realized that sugar alcohols are VERY bad for our systems. I used to have the occasional Atkins Bar or Russell Stover chocolates, but no more. Now if I do have anything sugar free, it will be restricted to a syrup put in my latte, or a diet carbonated beverage. 

Also, don't forget that socializing is still very easy. Restaurants are more than accommodating when it comes to swapping items. I always replace starches with veggies. I avoid Asian restaurants because it is very hard to eat low carb there, as all their sauces are generally rich with sugar. I recently found out that the "no noodle extra veg" Pho soups I was eating actually have sugar in them. 

I have also significantly cut back on alcohol. I find that even if i'm having a "clean" drink (e.g. vodka soda), it still makes me retain a lot of sodium and I feel very bloated the day after. I read online that alcohol disrupts blood sugar balance as it interferes with liver function. I will have a glass of non-sweet wine every now and then, but have learned to leave it more for vacations, or just a nice dinner outing.

Don't forget that you CAN every now and then, treat yourself. It is psychologically stressful to be 100% on course all the time. Yesterday, I was really craving a cookie, so I had one. But I added it in to my net carb count and was still in my range. I find that mentally reminding myself that "I can have a cookie when I want it" makes me crave things less, because they're not "forbidden". 


  1. Thanks so much for your post. I completely agree that there are not enough success stories about Dr. B posted online. I am making plans to go onto the diet and have been doing my research. One thing I am looking into is finding out the average cost of food for those who have been successful through maintenance. I am a student and have 66 lbs to loose. Being a student I do not have endless grocery money and generally spend about $100 a month in food and would need to keep it close to that. I don't want to start something that could eventually end in a serious financial challenge. Any suggestions on your average grocery costs?

  2. Thanks Sammie. To be honest I can't recall how much I spent but I know it was a lot less than what I used to because I ate out a lot. I would stock up on veggies and chicken thighs (even though it says breast, once you take the skin and visible fat off, you're fine). Also, even if you spend a little more than what you're accustomed to, remember that it's an investment in yourself. There really is no value to how amazing you will feel. It will seep into different aspects in your life and make you a more healthy, and as a result, more successful person in general. best of luck!

  3. Thank you very much. You motivate me in this blog. I was once at DB diet and I did reach my goal for the first time in my life and I was happy but afterward I returned to my old habit and gained all the weight back. I am now in the process of starting my diet in Dr B. and I will change my lifestyle for the good.

    Please keep update your blog as I find that your blog tends to be very supportive.

  4. I've my Dr. Bernstein blog too :)

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