Tuesday, 11 March 2014

2 Years Later - Back to Bernstein but just for a tune up

Today I weigh 160 pounds.

That's about 9 pounds higher than I was at my lowest last February.

It's still a great weight, i'm still a size 8 BUT, I do feel the difference. I never was 100% satisfied even at 151 so now i'm back to Bernstein to get down to 145 and stay there. It seems a lot less daunting to want to only lose 14 pounds instead of 40! I hope to achieve this in one month.

I have done a lot of travelling and ate very generously when I did. When I was at home I ate real clean, but the frequent travels made me gain the pounds over the course of one year. I also did work out so i'm sure some of it is muscle. It feels good to be back on track and going to Bernstein keeps me motivated (mostly because of the $599 I forked out!)

I just started yesterday so will keep you posted!! 

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