Monday, 4 March 2013

One year later

Feb 28th marked the one year anniversary from when I started Bernsteining.

I am happy to report that I am still at 153 pounds.

I have a really healthy lifestyle. I eat my high fibre bread for breakfast, have omelets  protein and veggies/salads for lunch and dinner, and high fibre snacks and low glycemic fruits in between. I enjoy a glass or two of wine, or a low carb drink (e.g. vodka + low cal cranberry juice). Weekends, I eat the yummy rich foods I used to love so much.

I truly cannot believe how much I have changed inside and out. I look at pictures of myself 40 pounds heavier and cannot believe that that used to be me. I went from a tight 12 to a perfect 8, a size 32 jean to a 29. 29!!! Someone actually called me "thin" the other day and I just about passed out from shock.

Going to the clinics was difficult, the diet was difficult, the nurses were difficult, peeing in a cup was difficult...but it was worth it.

Maintenance is possible, a lifestyle change is the key.


  1. Read all your entries. Good for you! Nice to hear someone can actually maintain what they've lost on this diet. I'm on and off Dr B as well. No blogs or many forums on Dr B at all! I enjoyed yours.

  2. Good to see you wee able to keep the weight off. I'm doing the diet myself from home. I post about it daily here

    1. How has it been doing maintenance on your own?

  3. I will post a new blog with an update

  4. Congratulations! You have inspired me to do this diet how much did it cost when you were all said and done including maintenance, pills and food from Bernstein? Thanks and congrats again!!! That is amazing!

  5. I am thinking of doing it at home as I am a 30 minute drive from the closest center. Am unsure however, on the dosage of the B Vitamin.....any input would be great.

  6. @mellie, I did Bernstein for 10 weeks, they had a promo, 2 weeks free, and waived consult fee. I honestly can't remember how much it cost per week, but it was something over 1100 dollars all in all. I didn't count the cost of food because that was a sunk cost anyway. if anything I saved because I was eating out less.

    @abbotsford dance center, I don't know how much the dose is, you can call and ask, but i'm not sure if they'll tell you....