Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Staying Steady

So I'm happy at my 153 pounds, though I go up and down by 2 pounds depending on what i'm eating. Maintenance is possible.

I have been doing a clean eat from Mondays to Fridays. I discovered an amazing low carb bakery that makes flax power cookies that really get me through the afternoon hump!

When I go out on weekends, I eat what I want. Hell I've eaten bad! But I know it's okay because come Monday, I'll be eating clean again.

I'm not eating as clean as when I was doing Bernstein. I do have more protein that I'm allowed, I have low carb foods (e.g. atkins bars, but be careful they are high in fat!), and I definitely indulge in a dry wine (it has no carbs!).

This is the best thing I've ever done. No more yo-yoing, no more worrying about whether I will balloon up, no more guilt when I have a bad meal. Who knew sugar was such a bugger?


  1. Hey there!
    Are you staying on the Dr. B maintenance program for a year? How are you finding the diet? Is it any easier now?

  2. I have been on the Dr. B diet for about 6 weeks now; it's definitely hard at times but so far I'm down around 20 lbs from 180 to 160. I was thinking too about why more people don't blog about their experience on the diet. Thanks for your posts.

  3. Hi there, I am not on the maintenance program. I did it for the 4 free weeks I qualified and felt that I don't need to be on it. Still 152 pounds, and I indulge on the weekends, and eat clean Monday to Friday. It's really working for me!

  4. That's really great to hear; do you tend to eat less sugar overall on weekends now? That seems to be the main problem with rebound weight gain.