Saturday, 16 June 2012

Cookies and Haters 

Current weight: 155.0
Total weight loss: 35.6 lbs

I've been travelling a lot, so going on and off the injections. I have two weeks left. It has been totally possible to travel, go to work, be busy, and still be healthy. You just need to focus on the goal. I am getting love from some, hate from others. This weight loss has made me realize there are people who cannot see others succeed. I think most of them want to criticize because they do not want to acknowledge the will power it takes to be healthy because that would require recognizing that they lack the determination they see in me. My work place serves freshly made pastries daily. I don't eat any and I hear comments from my colleagues. "Oh you and your healthy eating!". I feel like turning around and saying, "Oh you and your unhealthy eating!". Of course, my comment would be insulting, even though theirs is equally insulting. Another friend messaged me on Facebook and said, "stop losing weight, are you trying to become sexy?". I responded and said, "first of all, I already was sexy, second of all, if i'm getting sexy, why would I stop?". In a way, this diet has been a great learning lesson. It helps you identify which people are actually supportive and happy to see you happy, and which ones do not want to see you look like a million bucks. I think I need to go on a social circle diet and shave off the excess "friends".


  1. People are disgusting and love to see us fail. I lost 76 pounds on my own and my supposed friend said I liked you better when you were fat.

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