Thursday, 17 May 2012

Back on Track

I had a two week break. By break, I mean I made wise decisions on a day to day basis and ate clean, but did go out on three separate nights where I ate (non carb) foods that are no-no's and socially drank on those three nights too (5 glasses of white wine in total over 3 nights). Mentally, I was exhausted of peeing in a cup and getting weighed. I didn't gorge or feel guilty that I wasn't strict. Weighed in 2 weeks later and had even lost 0.4 lbs. It's not much, but it shows that I have morphed into the lifestyle where I can maintain, while being able to have some normalcy in my social life. Back to Bernstein now. I want to get down to the 155 which they recommended and keep it there!

Current weight: 160.8
Total lost: 29.8 lbs (almost 30!)

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